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About us

msplastics-facility-2Long ago, back in the 70’s, Al played tennis with Bud who owned a tennis club in northern New Jersey. Bud complained about the problems and cost of towel loss. Al asked why anyone would want his white towels and he explained that members used them to wrap up sweaty, wet clothes thus keeping their gym bags dry.

Al offered to make him a roll of plastic bags to give members. Thus was born our first stock bag showing a tennis player and saying “When We Serve You….You Get The Return”.

The bags were very popular; the towels stopped vanishing; and Bud later added his club’s name for promotional purposes. And the rest is history. We are still customizing wet bags; and clubs across the country are offering this amenity to grateful members.

We offer a wide range of products to schools, corporate fitness facilities, MWR programs, recreation centers, athletic trainers, athletic directors, pro team locker rooms, gyms, Y’s, PT Clinics, spas, pools, hospital outreach programs, country clubs, cycling gyms, and tattoo parlors.


made-in-the-usa recyclable
Our products are made in the USA, and
we are proud to provide recyclable products.

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