About MS Sports & Health

It Began with Towels...

MS Sports and Healthcare started in 1975 as an expansion of MS Plastics and Packaging Co, Inc.  Formally known as MS Sports and Health, we supplied our first products to an indoor tennis club looking for a way to prevent members from taking towels home. Shortly after that, they wanted their logo on the bag to show off their brand, and that’s how the custom printing began! Once multi-purpose fitness clubs grew in popularity during the 1980’s, we knew we were creating a special product.

We found a new opportunity while selling Valet Bags to a school fitness center. As we were developing the product line, we recognized a real need for a cold therapy system to treat injuries. We invented the ice therapy system that consists of a special heat-sealed ice bag and our Ready Wrap (disposable wrap which can replace a traditional Ace Bandage and be more economical). That day was the birth of our famous custom printed ice bags and wrap. Now we sell to teams of all levels from high school all the way through the pros!

Since that time, we have expanded our product line even further! We now proudly provide our customers with products such as water bottles, gel packs, mesh laundry bags, retail bags and so much more! Be sure to check out all of the amazing and dependable products that we have to offer you.

We take pride in our work and customer care is our top priority. Whether it's alet Bags, ice bags or wrap, MS Sports & Healthcare is on your side!