Valet and Mesh Laundry Bags

Custom Print Valet Bags

assorted custom wet bags
Prod#Product DescriptionMinimumBags/Per
BV200212 x 18 White Custom10 Rolls750/R
BV2002C12 x 18 Clear Custom10 Rolls1000/R
BV100210 x 18 Clear Custom10 Rolls1000/R
BV200612 x 21 Clear Custom10 Rolls500/R

Theme Valet Bags
(stock bags printed)

Stock printed valet bags
Prod#Product DescriptionMinimumBags/Per
BV500012 x 18 Tennis Theme4 Rolls750/R
BV500212 x 18 Fitness Theme4 Rolls750/R
BV500412 x 18 Racquetball4 Rolls750/R
BV500512 x 18 All Sports4 Rolls750/R
BV500612 x 18 Pool Power4 Rolls750/R
BV500812 x 18 Fitness Theme4 Rolls750/R
BV500912 x 18 Pickleball4 Rolls750/R

Stock Valet Bags

Stock Valet Bags (non-printed)
Prod#Product DescriptionMinimumBags/Per
BV120012 x 15 White4 Rolls1000/R
BV120212 x 18 Clear Econo4 Rolls1000/R
BV120312 x 18 White Hvy4 Rolls750/R
BV120112 x 18 Clear Hvy4 Rolls1000/R
BV501112 x 18 White XHvy2 Rolls375/R
BV100010 x 18 Ice Aide1 Roll1000/R
BV501612 x 20 White Hd4 Rolls1000/R
BV501512 x 21 Clear Hd, Flat Pack1 Case1000/CS
BV501314 x 24 White Jumbo2 Rolls500/R

Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry bags
Prod#Product DescriptionMinimum
LB1200F5812 x 15 White36 bags
LB1507F5815 x 20 White36 bags
LB1509F5115 x 20 Heavy36 bags
LB1804F5818 x 24 White36 bags
LB1806F5118 x 24 Heavy36 bags
LB1808F5818 x 30 White36 bags
LB1831F5118 x 30 Heavy36 bags
LB2200F5822 x 34 White36 bags
LB2206F5122 x 34 Heavy36 bags
LB2402F5824 x 30 White36 bags
LB2403F5124 x 30 Heavy36 bags
LB2409F5824 x 36 White36 bags
LB2450F5124 x 36 Heavy36 bags
LB3602F5836 x 40 White36 bags
LB3603F5136 x 40 Heavy36 bags

All mesh bags come complete with a plastic slide lock closure device, drawstring and I.D. patch. They are sewn from the finest fabric available to ensure quality, durability and extended life.

Stock bags are available in white and most colors. However, colored bags are at an additional  cost of $0.50 to $2.00 extra. Colored bags are only available in the F51 heavy fabric. Available   colors are: Scarlet Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Lime, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Purple, Gold, Pink, Gray, Fuchsia, Black, Mauve and Orange. Different colors for front and back panels are available for color coding. Custom bag sizes and printed bags are also available upon request. Call for quote.