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The Tacki-Mat stops dirt in its tracks! It’s a real dirt grabber!

  • Seen most commonly on basketball courts at the scorer’s table when players step on the mat to clean the soles of their sneakers.
  • Custom imprintable pads with clear mats that can be pulled off for a fresh surface.
  • Each features a heavy duty white mat frame (28” x 29”) with a non skid backing, rounded corners, and an oval shaped handle making it portable.
  • The non skid backing holds firmly to the floor, even with heavy traffic.
  • The Tacki-Mat cleans sneaker bottoms and adds traction to the shoes.
  • Providing safety to those on an indoor gym floor or sports surface, it controls the dirt in the area.
  • Clear sheets are 24” x 28” and are numbered from 1 to 40 so you know when to reorder.
  • The backing is plain or custom printable.
  • Replacement mats are also available. It is perfect for gymnastic areas as well as volleyball or basketball courts, and aerobics or dance studios.
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