Medical Wraps and Custom Ice Bags

Our ice bags will meet everyone’s needs & budget!

Our Ice Aide System includes several products that can greatly improve the service that our clients provide their patients. The medical ice bags that we offer are some of the strongest products that we have on offer, both in terms of capacity and sales popularity.

The experience that our team gained through years of serving within different parts of the industry, gives us the insight we need to develop our products. These enhancements often come in the smallest details that most other manufacturers and suppliers overlook.

For example, our strong medical ice bags are available in clear or white film with a custom imprint that promotes your organization while also providing therapy for athletes and meeting your needs and budget. This feature is a detail that most people handling our products will never notice, but is something our professional clients appreciates.

Custom printed clear ice bags
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Clear stock print ice bagsClear or white unprinted ice bagsClear or white unprinted ice bags

Our experience shows that people reuse or recycle these bags. We didn’t set out anticipating that such a result would be a sure thing, but at the same time, it doesn’t surprise us in the least. This is because our medical ice bags benefit our clients in two ways, other than their main function. First, it’s great advertising for your group. Second, its reusability is good for the environment.

The medical ice bags that we provide is only one part of our Ice Aide system, but it’s part of a bigger initiative of service and quality that we have become known for. We have made it a priority to provide the best quality products, and make them as convenient as possible. In fact, our medical ice bags come in different stock sizes to suit different jobs and purposes.

Our stock sizes are as follows:

12″ x 18″ x 1mil White
12″ x 18″ x 1mil Clear
12″ x 21″ x 1.5mil Clear


Please consult your sales representative for art and plate information.

In addition to custom printed bags, we have a generic ice bag (shown below with “Ice Aide” print) as well as unprinted clear or white bags. Consult your sales representative for sizes and gauges.

Our clients have a wealth of options at their fingertips when it comes to our medical ice bags, and this is just one of the products that we have available. Make sure to explore the rest of our website to get more information on products that can potentially make a difference in how you treat your patients.

If you want to get information directly, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. You can also pay us a visit at our office in Butler, New Jersey.